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Dunstone Design is one of Australia's most respected bespoke furniture makers, and caters to those who appreciate beautifully crafted and well designed pieces. At the heart of Dunstone Design is designer, craftsman, educator and writer Evan Dunstone. Evan is a 2001 Churchill Fellow in contemporary chair design and manufacture. He has travelled widely and worked with some of the finest craftsmen in the English speaking world.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Welcome to Dunstone Design

Welcome to Dunstone Design’s new blog site.  Dunstone Design is more than just a furniture manufacturer and I look forward to sharing our philosophy of “efficient craft” with a wider audience. My makers (Alex, Rolf and Dan) are extraordinary people and exceptional craftsmen. They could have chosen to do anything, but they chose the long hard road to work wood professionally and without compromise. It is my responsibility to continually stretch them as makers and to provide them with opportunities to excel.

Our creative net casts wider than our workshop; our showroom is run by Bronwen Healy, Australia’s leading racehorse photographer. Our marketing is handled by brothers Damian and Ben Schroeter of Nflame Creative, two of the most imaginative and clever little Vegimites you are ever likely to find. Our sculptural work is handled by Simon Fairweather, jeweler and athlete (he won the archery gold medal for Australia at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games).  We have traditional, formal business structures but we behave like a creative collective.

This blog will track the progress of commissions from a sketch on my drawing board through to the final piece in all its three dimensional glory. More than that, I will be sharing my approach to craftsmanship, design and collaboration, as well as giving you the back story on Dunstone Design. The blog will compliment Dunstone Design's existing online presence, which also consists of our website and Facebook Page.

I hope you find plenty here to enjoy.

Evan Dunstone.

July, 2012

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